Start syncing eCommerce360 data and do smarter email marketing

What is eCommerce360?

MailChimp’s eCommerce360 feature allows you to capture detailed customer data and order information, and pass it all back to MailChimp. You can now set up segments, create targeted and personalized email campaigns and automation workflows based on your customers’ purchase history. The more relevant your emails are to your subscribers’ interests, the more effective they are.

What does MailSync do?

MailSync takes care of the eCommerce360 data sync for you. Simply, enable eCommerce360 in your MailChimp setting in MailSync and start putting your customer data to use with more effective email marketing. MailSync automatically syncs eCommerce360 data to MailChimp every 15 minutes on the Large plan. Pleaes note, when you enable eCommerce360, only new customer data is synced, and no historical data.

How do I set eCommerce360 up?

We automatically sync across commerce data, so all you need to do is activate the free add-on under your MailChimp account.

What can I do with eCommerce360 data

Armed with detailed customer data in MailChimp, you can do more effective email marketing that gets better results.

Segment and target

Create segments in MailChimp based on your eCommerce360 data. A segment is a section of your list that contains subscribers with list information in common. MailChimp provides tools to segment your list subscribers using any information that's available in their subscriber profiles, like gender, age, and products purchased with your eCommerce360 data. Learn more about getting started with segments in MailChimp.

Once your segments are set up, you can create and send targeted email campaigns to your segments that are relevant to their purchase history and interests. Let your customers who have bought ‘brand X’ know that a new shipment of ‘brand X’ has come in. Send a promotion on dresses to all the ladies. The options are endless.

mailchimp segmentation ecommerce360


Use your customer data to make emails more personal. You can use merge tags to pull through personal details, like name or loyalty points balance. This helps you connect with customers on a personal level, without having to send individual emails. Learn more about using merge tags in MailChimp.

mailchimp personalization ecommerce360

Automation workflows

MailChimp’s automation feature (paid feature) makes it possible for you to provide timely, relevant information to your customers. Send welcome emails to customers, provide product recommendations based on purchase history, set up birthday offers, and so much more. Learn more about MailChimp’s Automation Workflows and get started with this helpful guide to automation.

mailchimp automation workflow ecommerce360